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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Evocative Aromas, EvoAro™,

My name is Fatima. I am the owner of Evocative Aromas, a local Rochester Candle Making Company! We hand make and sell Soy Candles, Soy Wax Melts, and Car Fresheners.

We create original scents with the aim of capturing the unique ability of aromas to evoke our memories, leading to a more intense appreciation of our products.

All our products are made with clean carcinogen-free ingredients, the jars are eco-friendly, the wax is skin safe and has a long-lasting burn-time.

Sharing scent memory stories is so humbling, and we love hearing them. Send in your stories and maybe a new scent will be added to the line!?

Nice to E-meet you : )

Fatima Srayi

Evocative Aromas _ EvoAro

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